North American Bus Journeys 

This is my new album consisting  of songs and music written and recorded in the month of April 2017 during a journey encompassing such places as San Francisco, Vancouver, Salmon Arm, Banff, Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies and Victoria on Vancouver Island. Have a listen. 

Special thanks to John Kelley for use of the grand piano at his lovely home on Caselli Avenue, San Francisco… 

Part of the “One Month Album” project…

Click below to listen:



released April 30, 2017

All songs written, produced, played and recorded by Simon Poore.

© 2017 Simon Poore

Poem One: Trees

Flashes of sunlight between the trees, branches waving, loved ones departing,

Like loved ones waving at the dockside, with heavy hearts and winsome smiles,

My face on the cold window of the car, passing the pines and forest lasting,

The trees are glad for resting winter, unconcerned with trivial human trials,

I want to rest and sleep like they do, fasting in the frozen ground,

I want to hope for spring and colour, no need to move or make a sound,

Drips of snow and mist of moisture, cling to needles, dampening breath,

Resilient wood and hopeful nature, carefree season, sleeping earth,

Eyes blinking swift in time with snowfall, the heartbeat of the trees is left,

For me to hear inside my head, listening deep for all it’s worth,

I want to rest and sleep like they do, slumber on the leafy ground,

I want to hope for spring and colour, listen for the peaceful sound,

© 2017 Simon Poore