The Lights of Nowhere Town

The Lights of Nowhere Town is my latest musical release. An E.P. featuring three songs.

Click on the link to have listen:

The Lights of Nowhere Town

It will also be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google music and over platforms. Just search ‘Simon Tall’

I hope you enjoy it…let me know if you do.

© 2019 Simon Poore


The One Month Album Project

The One Month Album project now has a new website designed by Iain Lowery.

For the uninitiated the One Month Album project is where musicians are challenged to write and record 10 songs or thirty-five minutes of music within a month. Then they upload the results onto BandCamp on the first of the next month. There are no rules beyond this; it can be any style or genre or music, it can be spoken word or field recordings, solo projects or collaborations.

I first took part in this challenge in 2016 and have completed it on five occasions. I have found it a liberating experience, much like writing novels for Nanowrimo, and it has transformed what I do musically.

The One Month Album Project has now completed twelve individual months (at varying different times of year) since 2013 and there are something like one hundred and fifty eight albums that have been created by many interesting and talented artists. An amazing achievement. It will continue so if you are interested in joining in and making your own album keep your eye on the website and look for the One Month Album Facebook group.

Click on the link below to dip into this marvellous cornucopia of music. You are sure to find something you love:

One Month Album

© 2019 Simon Poore