Hey readers! It’s my pleasure again to present a guest post, this time from the lovely author Elizabeth Marshall. Here she promotes the idea that authors should get together to help and support each other. Thanks for this Elizabeth! You can contact her on twitter – @EM_Writes and check out her writing here – Elizabeth Marshall Writes…

Thank you, Simon for your kind invitation to write a guest blog on your site. I would like to take this opportunity, if I may, to introduce to you Sonia Rumzi, Paul Anthony, Grace Elliot, C.C. Cole, Rose Gordon, Zoe Saadia, Diana Murdock and Pandora Poikilos.

Writing is a solitary occupation, or so some say, but I have discovered over the months that this need not be the case. I write this blog today humbled, honored and undeserving, but nonetheless part of a wonderful group of authors known as the ‘THE COLLABORATES’

What, you may well ask, makes this collaboration of authors so special?

Each and every author in this group is a character of honor, courage, integrity and immense talent. They are an endless source of encouragement, assistance and support to each other as well to fellow authors, tirelessly campaigning to bring together the best in the literary world for the benefit of the readers.
In this new and exciting world of internet driven networking, authors can become isolated and lost in the fury and scramble of technology.

‘THE COLLABORATES’ have come together in friendship and as respected professionals to ensure that no talent goes unnoticed, no author feels alone and no story goes unread.

Who are the Collaborates?
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