What is this?

What is this?
Is it a time when we live or is it a time when we cry? Or is it both? For isn’t it true that living involves both crying and laughing and all the shades of colour inbetween?
And at the end of the day how will we fathom it? How can we possibly fathom it? Will we regret our tears and our slowness? Or will we be thankful for the moments we had? All of them.
There are always more questions than answers. Questions that plague and questions that intrigue. Questions that frustrate and tug at our hearts and questions that chime with drops of delight. Questions of despair and questions of beauty. It is hard to see both at times like these, but both exist, standing side by side quietly, like brothers holding hands in the soft breeze.
Our moments together drift like ripples mingling. Our ripples merging with the ripples of other souls; the endless butterfly effect of existence. What we do and have done affects all things. This is one answer; take from it what you will, but always be thankful that you had those moments for they are full of hidden treasures. Even on the darkest of nights there are stars beyond the cloud.
There will be peace however it comes. This is another answer we have. Whether it comes softly in the night, or slowly from the daybreak there will be peace. We cannot answer from whence it will come but we can be certain it will wrap its soft blanket around us. Breathe softly. It will come.
Is it a time when we live or is it a time when we cry? It is surely both.
What is this?
It is a moment. A moment we are stuck in, if only for now. A moment filled with the unbearable kindness of loved ones. Kindness and love that swathes us with reminders and the promise of the stars beyond the clouds. A moment that ripples outward and, like all ripples, it spreads and merges, splits and turns, bouncing back again and again as it slowly fades.
So, what is there to do? Breathe. Breathe softly…


© 2014 Simon Poore