Jones and the Big Jump

Jones embarks on a potentially lucrative and hazardous mission as part of the crew of an experimental space ship. His journey takes unexpected and dangerous twists as he is thrown back in time to 21st century Earth. Will he and the crew survive? How will he return to complete the mission? How is his fate inexorably connected to that of Katie, the flame haired archaeologist?

A short science fiction novella. Look out for more stories featuring Jones. An ebook you can download at here and available at all reputable ebook outlets such as Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble.
Give it a read and let me know what you think?

© 2011 Simon Poore


Jones and the Mammoths

Jones is usually a loner, a part-time, space faring freelance hit man. Finding himself marooned on a hostile beach he needs to use his ingenuity to survive in an environment inhabited by mammoths. Katie is a bright young archaeologist who has made a startling discovery in an English forest. These two disparate characters are thrown together, and find that their different worlds are inextricably linked by the past, the future and by the majestic mammoths.

This is a short, science fiction story free to download on here and lots of other reputable ebooks stores such as Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble.

Download it now and let me know what you think…

© 2011 Simon Poore