Live Music from the Fine City of Norwich

Recently live music has been re-emerging in the UK as we slowly and hopefully, emerge from the pandemic. I have played a gig and others have done the same at small venues across our fine East Anglian city of Norwich.

I have been chronicling some of these tentative and lovely performances at a venue called the Bowling House (which is exactly what it says in the tin) over the last few weeks and have been posting performances as videos on my YouTube channel ‘Breadknife Music’. Give some of the songs a listen – there is so much talent in and around our fine city. Click on the link below:


© 2021 Simon Poore

The Third Space Age

So in January 2021, during the 3rd virus lockdown here in the UK, I wrote and narrated a story and put it to music. It is a short science fiction piece entitled ‘The Third Space Age’. As it is a bit of a departure from my usual creations I have released it under the name ‘BLUBHOUSE’. Perhaps there might be more experimental releases from the BLUBHOUSE in the future? Who knows? It lasts about forty minutes and I hope you enjoy it. Click on the cover below to listen:

© 2021 Simon Poore