Doubtful Sound

‘Doubtful Sound’ is the opening track from my album ‘Placenames’ which was written and recorded in March 2020 during the midst of the pandemic lockdown. The album has a loose theme of songs named after interesting places that I’ve never been to as well as themes of isolation provoked by the strange time of the virus.

‘Doubtful Sound’ as a title seemed apt as not only is it the name of a stunningly beautiful fjord in southern New Zealand, it also conjured the doubts and fear of lockdown…hopefully the song does such feelings justice. Perhaps one day I’ll get to go there?

Doubtful Sound Fjord in New Zealand

As a musician who could not do gigs during lockdown (and still can’t at the time of writing) I recorded a rough and ready live version of ‘Doubtful Sound’ for the Breadknife Music YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it…


© 2020 Simon Poore

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