The Petrified World

I’m very pleased and proud that one of my short stories, ‘Retrograde Amnesia’ has just been published in the anthology ‘The Petrified World’.

There are some seriously talented writers who have donated their stories to this book. Well worth a read.

This collection of eleven short stories takes the idea of taboos, of hidden subjects, of unspoken truths as its loose theme. Some of the stories address potential problems for a near future Earth, some do not, but are all linked by the idea of what is not being talked about, whether that’s between families, colleagues, in the news or on a wider scale.

All of these stories have been given freely in support of this collection profits from which will be donated to Population Matters – once you have read them why not take a moment to read about the underlying issues, and what you can do to help at

You can get a paperback (£3.99) or digital copy (£1.99) here:


Many thanks to Martin Pond for putting this great book together.

© 2018 Simon Poore


The Garden Studio

So, I made another musical album. Hopefully it will give you pleasure to listen to and you will find a song or two that you like. You can find this album, and all my albums, on most digital platforms, such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp etc.

At the end of the day sometimes there just isn’t enough time is there?

When I’m creating music I don’t always have enough time for writing and when I am writing the music slips gently into the background. In the coming year I hope to redress this balance.

Anyway, please have a listen:




© 2018 Simon Poore