Jones and the Orphan Planet

This will be the next published ‘Jones’ story, at present it is a work in progress. It should be the longest ‘Jones’ story to date.
It has a bit more of an epic feel and could even be described as ‘steampunk’, although I am not always sure what that means! It is the first story that doesn’t feature Earth as a backdrop and introduces us to other new and interesting planets.
Be prepared for action; a war, biplanes, dogfights, intrigue and the delightfully dangerous Erica (did you wonder about her in the Mammoth story?)

Hopefully it will be finished in about a month….pester me if it’s not?

© 2011 Simon Poore

The cover:


One thought on “Jones and the Orphan Planet

  1. Just in case anyone stumbles upon this page and wonders what happened to this story. Well it kind of got put on hold while I wrote my novel for NaNoWriMo, which I am am editing now. I will revisit the world of ‘Jones’ this year and hopefully finish this mini epic…let’s me know if you are actually waiting for it!

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