So here’s the deal…

Today I find myself in an all too familiar situation. Sleep deprived, which of course is my own fault, and wishing and dreaming of making time to do and be all the things I want to be.
It’s sunny and blue skied late September loveliness in England today and I try to live in the moment…
The reality is I have fifteen minutes to write something for this blog before I have to be elsewhere. I am still wondering what form this blog will take, will it be worthwhile and what it’s purpose will be, beyond hopefully attracting you guys to my writing…

So, here is the challenge: if you have read this, leave a comment with opinions and ideas? Maybe you want to guest post on my blog? If you are one of my first visitors, thanks for coming! Please tell me why you came and what you would like from a blog?

Now I will wait and see…smiling as I go…even when I don’t feel like it…


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